Five Ways to Make Traveling With Kids Easier

Running errands with kids in tow.  Not my idea of a good time.  Someone should have told me the five ways to make traveling with kids easier when my twins were born.  It would have been nice to know.

When I had just one child, I thought shopping was hard.  Seriously.

You have to haul the baby and all that junk with you.  You have to plan nursing/bottles and diaper changes.  You have to bring along baby food and bibs and baby spoons.  Restaurants don’t provide that stuff.

You have to lug around that huge car seat and diaper bag.

Or worse.  You have to wake a sleeping baby because he’s too big for the carrier, and you can’t leave him in the car.

Gone are the days of quickly darting in and out of stores.

And then I had twins.

And believe me, I had no idea what hard was.

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