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The Hero of My Story

I am working on a few things, a few goals, for 2016, outside of my role as a momma.  I think it is important for every mom to have something her own, something outside of her family and children.  So I have set some personal goals for myself.

And to reach these goals, I have had to do A LOT of research.  I’m a busy momma.  I don’t have time to research or learn anything new.  Until I discovered podcasts.  And now, I am addicted to podcasts.  I subscribe to a few, and I listen to them whenever I am in a vehicle alone, which doesn’t happen all that much.  But also when I am folding laundry.  I fold clothes every day after the twins go down for their nap.  I usually have a good half hour of clothes folding to get done, so I listen to a podcast while I fold.  I have come to crave “clothes folding time”!  Funny, how we can train ourselves.  I used to hate taking the time to fold clothes.  Now it is one of my favorite times of the day!

But I digress

I recently discovered The Five AM Miracle, hosted by Jeff Sanders.  I am hooked.  I have since subscribed to him, and can’t wait to hear the rest of his shows.  I will also get his book, eventually.  I have a few other things I am in the process of reading right now, and it takes me FOREVER to get something read.  But I am so excited about his message that I just had to share it!

I think I was listening to Your New Plan for 2016, but I can’t be sure, because my phone deletes the episodes after I listened to them.  And in that episode, Jeff asks us, “Who is the Hero of Your Story?”  What action are you taking, right now, that assures you are acting as the hero in your own story?  What does that hero look like?  What can you do, today, that turns you in to the person you want to be, the hero of your own story?

Wow.  Powerful stuff!  My hero, in my story, is a mom who loves and serves her family and children above all else. She does so with amazing grace and self-sacrificing.  She never complains.  She lives each day with joy and love, embracing her children and her husband and all that they are.  She spends her days making their days better for them.

That is the hero of my story.  I think right now, I play the role of villain.  🙂  I spend my days trying very hard to be that wonderful image of an award-winning momma, but I usually end up giving up by the days’ end.  It’s exhausting!  The constant crying, fighting, and complaining.  The yelling and screaming.  My house is loud!  And it wears a person out.

I’ll start out the day full of joy, love and patience.  I’ll play, be goofy, and lift every one’s moods.  I’ll end it by barking orders and snapping everyone in to shape!  A bit of a drill sargent comes out in me at the end of the day.  And HE does not belong in my story!

So what do I do to take action, to be the hero of my story?  I think, in each and every situation, I have to take a step back and ask, “What would my hero do right now?”  And then do it!  No easy feat, because I can get so involved emotionally in what is going on.  And to step back and take an objective look at what is going on, you need to let go of the emotions.  It’s also hard, to give that task to part of your mind, while the rest of you is still orchestrating the situation, living right in the moment.

So, if I have a baby hanging to each leg, sitting on each foot, screaming and crying at the tops of their lungs, with their brother standing right next to me, trying to tell me a story, while I’m trying to brown hamburger, what should I do, if I were the perfect person I wanted to be? Well, in my story, ideally, that would not be happening in the first place!  If I could write my own story, I would be quietly browning hamburger, watching the news, and serenely sipping a glass of wine.  🙂  My boys would be quietly driving cars in the living room.

But….since we can only operate the main character, the hero, in our story, and not the scene taking place or the other characters, then I guess I’d have to take a step back and look at the situation without my emotions being involved.  For starters, it is not safe to have three small children standing right by the stove.  The greese could splatter on them, or one of them could reach up and pull the frying pan right off of the stove.  Or touch the hot burner.  There are all kinds of reasons, other than my sanity, that they should not be in the kitchen with me while I am cooking.

So what are my options?  I could lock them up in their high chairs.  I could  call a family member to take them outside of the kitchen to play.  I could try to entice them to play by themselves in another room.  I could scream and holler and throw a temper tantrum myself.  But what would the hero in my story do?  Well, she would use this as a teachable moment, of course!  Even though it takes more time and patience, she would repeatedly take them back in to the living room, telling them why they need to stay there, and how dangerous it is, or whatever, until they learned to stay there on their own. That is heroic!  🙂

How are you going to take action to be the hero in your own story?  It doesn’t have to involve children.  It can be any every day situation that you face, that you know you handle with less grace than you should.  How would the perfect you handle that situation?  What can you do to take that same action?  Let me know – leave a comment, sharing how you are going to be a hero in your own story!

And check out the Five AM Miracle.  It’s inspiring!