Super Bowl Activities for Your Kids

My boys died a little inside a couple of weekends ago.

Yep, when the Vikings lost to the Eagles.

We live in Northern Minnesota.  My oldest goes to NDSU (North Dakota State University).  As did three of his cousins.

One of his cousins played for NDSU – and has a championship ring on each finger to boot.

Carson Wentz is a great friend of this particular cousin.  Because, of course, they played together.

But it was still a no brainer for me and my boys – we were rootin’ for the Vikings, even as half of our MN/ND border was torn between loyalty to the Vikings and loyalty to the former NDSU quarterback.

I’ve been told, now that it’s all over, that the Eagles fans sorely mistreated the Minnesota fans in Philadelphia.

That of course, breaks my heart.

Even so, I sure do hope  Vikings fans everywhere don’t hate me…..

Because we are rootin’ for the Eagles in this house!!


So what do you all do with your children during the Super Bowl?  We usually just put out a spread of snacks and watch the game.  But I do remember a time when we would gather at a friend’s house and watch the game. There was always a lot of kids milling about at those parties!  We stopped going to them, because my poor husband could never actually watch the game, with so many people about.

Still, it gets tricky, managing three little boys in a house full of big boys/men that really want to watch the game!  They want to feel a part of things, but they don’t last for the whole game, either.

So for all you moms out there, looking for ways to occupy the little guys and gals during the game, I have done some digging around and found a few Super Bowl Activities that are sure to keep your kids busy!

Bring them to the Super Bowl party of your choice or do them at home with your own kids.

Super Bowl Activities For Your Kids

For all activities below, click the picture to go directly to the page or click the link below the picture, to browse the website the activity was found on.

1. Commercial Bingo!!


This one comes from Create Craft Love and I think it is brilliant!!  Who doesn’t love the Super Bowl Commercials?!?

2.  Game Day Pom Poms!

From The Inspired Tree House, these pom poms will be sure to light up the faces of your little fans!  Just be sure they are the correct colors – midnight green and white!  🙂

(photo credit:

3.  Team Flags and a Home Made Table Cloth

I found this one on, but I’d take it one step further.  I’d have the kids paint the vase that the flags are in!  (White and Midnight Green, of course!)  Click here for directions on how – and just a tip – if you use the matte mod podge, it will give it a nice frosted look.

4.  Football Activity Packs

These crack me up!  They remind me of that Totino Pizza Roll commercial on Saturday Night Live from way back when!  (Yes, I’m that old…)  My husband still makes fun of those commercials.  Why not give your children an activity pack from Free Home School Deals or A Teaching Mommy.

5.  Printable Coloring Helmets

Alright, alright, go ahead and let your kids choose their favorite team….

You can find these printable helmets on Yes Coloring and Charlene Chronicles.  (Or just click on the picture of the one you want to print.)

6.  Foam Fingers and Mini Megaphones

Too cool!  What kid wouldn’t want to make these?!?  Find them (and a whole lot more goodies!) on Frog Prince Paperie.

7.  Who Will Win?


This one appears to be geared towards classrooms, but just be creative! If you have a large family (LIKE ME!) or you are have a Super Bowl Party with other kids there as well, then this will be loads of fun!  Especially if the winning answers get prizes!  Find this and more Super Bowl fun on A Cupcake For The Teacher.

8.  Super Bowl Snack Cups

Looking for a fun way to feed the crew!  Check these out!  Put the kids to work making their own snack cup from About A Mom.

9.  I Spy!

Who doesn’t love this classic game?  Find it on Simple Play Ideas.

10.  Paper Football!

A new twist on an old favorite!  Little Bins For Little Hands is a FUN site!

For more Super Bowl Craft Ideas, check out my Pinterest page!

Super Bowl Games & Activities

 1.  Scavenger Hunt


Play. Party. Plan.  Make life fun indeed!  Check out this site for all of your party  needs!!

2.  Face Goal

Find the directions on how to play this game (and more!) at Play.Party.Plan

3.  First and Bowl.

Again, from Play.Party.Plan!  Imagine, a cross between football and bowling!  What’s not to love?!?

Need more ideas?  Take a look here.


Kid-Friendly Game Day Treats

1. Rice Krispie Treats

Of course, we need to picture these treats as an Eagles jersey!!  But this is a great starting point – we can always change the colors.  🙂  For more Super Bowl fun, check out Two Sisters Crafting – they have more food, but in the appropriate colors!

2.  Football Pizza Pockets!!

Genius!!  Thank you to Picture the Recipe for this one!!

3.  Homemade Onion Rings

We made these when the Vikings played the Eagles…I don’t think they are jinxed??  They are super yummy!  Give them a try…if you are brave enough… from My Latina Table.

4.  Fried Dill Pickles

Oh my!  We had an over-abundance of garden pickles so we gave this recipe a try for the last game as well!  The boys LOVED them!  The next day my little Man A asked for more pickles…and they were all gone.  🙁  This one is from Spend With Pennies.

5.  Blizzard Mix

As far as I’ve heard, the weather shouldn’t be too bad this weekend.  Hopefully no blizzard runs through!!  But it isn’t a bad idea to have this little mix on hand, just in case.  😉  From Taste of Home, this is one of my family’s all time favorites.  It’s great at Easter, Thanksgiving, New Year’s and Christmas as well!

6.  Football Brownies

My 13-year old LOVES brownies so I had to throw this one in for him.  He’s always asking for brownie points – I hope this recipe gets me some!!  Find it at The Simple Parent.

For more football snacks, check out my Pinterest boards:  Appetizers and Treats.


Go Eagles!!


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