She Seems Perfectly Sane…..

I was at a football game with my boys last night. In the fall, we have elementary football games to attend, Junior Varsity football games to attend, Varsity football games to attend, College football games to watch and/or attend (my nephew plays) and the Vikings to watch on TV. It is a season of football for us! My boys love football season….even my biggest boy (my husband!).

So we were at the game and the twins were running around, playing. My oldest had practice but no game, so he was watching his brother play and visiting with us as well. He just naturally helps out when he is around, so my husband and I were relaxing a little and my oldest was keeping the twins from running out on the field. It was nice.

And then he stops and looks at us and says, “You know, that lady in the mall…with the leashes….I’m starting to think she was perfectly sane after all!” We laughed!

When the twins were still babies and in their strollers, my two oldest and I went to the mall to buy shoes for track. It was a chaotic shopping trip. We had the twins and our then two year old. It was hard to keep track of everyone, keep the youngest three happy and quiet, and still be able to concentrate on what we were buying.

We were exhausted. As we were packing up to leave (it is a time-consuming process), we saw a mom walk out of Scheels with two toddling children….on leashes. They were pulling on her and the leashes like a dog pulls on the leash when his master is just not walking along fast enough. And she was (gently) yanking back, trying to reign them in a bit. One boy, one girl. Cute as buttons.

Behind her, at a leisurely pace, was the daddy.

We just stopped and stared. All of us.

She saw us looking. So I hollered over, “We are just taking it all in. We have twins in the stroller.”

She laughed knowingly and hollered back (because she was still walking with her twins) “It’s never a dull moment!”.

“I bet not!”, I answer.

After they pass, I turn to my boys and say “I will never put my kids on a leash.” And then I correct myself and say “I hope I never put my kids on a leash!”

They just laugh, and agree with me, that it looks totally wrong. But who knows, they suggest, it might be necessary.

So now, at the football game, my oldest explains his suggestion, “They just need enough room to run, with a little bit of restraint.”

I’m still not running out to buy a couple of leashes…..just yet. 🙂

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