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I’m not sure if spring is here, or if it’s just a nice little teaser before winter dumps on us again.  But, after playing outside all day Saturday, it was tough to be in the house again on Sunday, while it rained.  Being cooped up all winter long is tough on kids.  Being cooped up on a rainy day, after getting a little taste of warm weather and sunshine, is just down-right mean.  Still, there are ways to enjoy a rainy day.  Below is a list of our favorites.  😉


  1. Create an Obstacle Course  – this is one of our all-time favorites.  Use anything you can find: tables, chairs, T.V. trays, boxes, tubes, little trampolines, big foam squares, blankets, pillows, balls, sleeping mats, etc.
  2. Indoor Sand/Water Play – there are various ways to encourage water play.  A bath for no reason, other than to play, for example.  Or, push a chair up to the sink and let the kids play.  Or, put a towel or cooking sheet down on the floor and let them dump and poor.  If you have a water table or a sand table, you can bring that out.  If you have a room with linoleum or some other flooring that can clean up well, you could bring in the old plastic swimming pool from outside for a little indoor summer fun!  Fill it with sand, water, or snow.  😉
  3. Bubbles – bubbles are always fun.  Find a room that is safe to play with bubbles in, keeping in mind that they do ruin some flooring.  The bath tub is always a good place, if you can’t find anywhere else.  Tip:  If you make a homemade bubble solution, you can use a hula hoop as a giant bubble wand, and blow a bubble around your child, so that she is inside the bubble!
  4. Color – an old classic.  Bring out the crayons, markers, coloring books and paper.  Remember those old velvet coloring posters?  Buy some of those for a twist on the regular coloring books.  There are so many fun ways to color now.  Check out the bath tub crayons and the window markers the next time you are shopping!
  5. Paint – Also an old favorite.  There are so many different ways to paint.  Finger paints, water colors, brush paints, the Crayola no mess paints.  You can even make your own bath tub paints!
  6. Board Games – This, of course, depends on the ages of your children.  But our favorites are Candy Land, Hi Ho Cherrio, Boom Boom Balloon, Don’t Wake Daddy, and Don’t Break the Ice.
  7. Play Cards – Teach your kids how to play Go Fish, War, Slap Jack and Uno!
  8. Build a Tent – There are various ways to do this, of course, so be creative.  I was just shopping a couple of weekends ago and saw a tent “kit”. The structure for the tent resembled those old tinker toys!
  9. Bring out toys you have stored away – I rotate my toys. We have a lot of them, since they have been handed down from boy to boy.  Bring out some old toys you have stored away and they will be like new again!
  10. Turn on some music and dance – we use Pandora (a toddler station), but our favorite is a few old Jim Gill CD’s we have.  Spin, Spin, Spin Again gets played over and over and over……
  11. Indoor Balls – since we are a house of boys, we have some balls for inside and some for outside.  We also have an indoor basketball hoop.  This is a great way to bring outside fun inside.  One of my kids’ favorite things to do is roll balls down a long, narrow tube leftover from a roll of carpet.  But any old long, narrow tube will work.
  12. Cardboard Boxes – this is great for preschool and elementary kids.  My boys used to play restaurant and store with cardboard boxes.  They would cut, paste and decorate them.  When they grew tired of their buildings, they became forts.  I even had one boy turn one in to a Creeper (with a little green paint!) from Mine Craft!
  13. Imaginative Play – I think imaginative play is on the verge of extinction!  Let’s protect the species!!  Let your kids lead you in restaurant, store, doctor, teacher, playing house, etc.
  14. Clay, Playdough and Floam – check out the isles in the toy store – this ain’t the play dough from days of old!  They have so many fun, cool little kits now (pizza maker, ice cream parlor, birthday cakes, dentist, etc)!  Rummage sales would be another place to find cool play dough toys.
  15. Movie Day – Pop some popcorn (or buy some puff corn, if you have little ones) and snuggle on the couch.
  16. Read and/or Make Your Own Stories – spend some time reading your favorite books. Then, when your child grows tired of that, show him how to create his own book!  Bring out the markers, crayons, paper and stapler!  (Be sure you do the stapling)
  17. Bake Together – It really doesn’t take long at all.  And kids love to help you dump, pour and stir.
  18. Tunnels and Tubs – you can buy fun play tunnels for preschoolers and toddler, or you can build your own.  Use big appliance boxes, and duct tape them together, for kids to crawl through.  Have fun with paper towel tube and toilet paper tubes.  Be creative!
  19. Have Fun with Rocks – you can paint rocks to be anything you’d like them to be!  Or, if you have a rock polishing kit and an older child, you can polish rocks.
  20. Take a Field Trip – a rainy day is a great day to get out of the house.  My favorite place is the library.  You can also head to the mall or Mc Donald’s for indoor fun.  The YMCA and Scheels are also great places for kids to play indoors.  Go to a movie together, or check out a craft store, such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.  Take your kids on a drive to see the train yard or the bus station.  Visit the airport or a local gravel pit.  Boys especially, love to see all the big machinery.  If you have little girls, go get a manicure together or your ears pierced.  Be creative!
  21. And Finally, Check Out PinterestPinterest should be a mom’s “go to guide” for anything crafty!  Give it a browse for other rainy day ideas.

Do you have favorites not listed here?  Please share!  Leave a comment below.

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