Ten Easy Ways to Create an Awesome Summer Routine

Looking for ten easy ways to create an awesome summer routine for your child? Then you have come to the right place!

Summer is here, and with it, a whole set of new challenges.  Gone are the long, cold nights of dreadful homework, early bedtimes and rude morning awakenings.  The school year can be grueling, for some, but the daily routines involved are necessary for your child’s growth and development.  Those routines, and the opportunity to learn from them, can be misplaced during the summer.

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Get to Know Your Teenager in a Deeply Personal Way

Remember when you could openly and freely smother your son with hugs and kisses?  Tickle his belly?  Roll around on the floor with him?  Throw him on your hip and dance around the living room together?

You used to read stories, hang out in forts together, snuggle on the couch and spend hours in the back yard together.  You could tell when he was tired, before he even knew it himself.  You knew that when he seemed crabby for no apparent reason what-so-ever, it was snack time.  You could sense when he needed alone time and when he wanted to spend time with mom.

You were virtually inseparable.  And you knew him better than anyone else knew him.  Remember?

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Last Night’s Supper….Grandpa J.L. Radniecki’s Pancakes


I have a confession to make….last night’s supper was actually pizza.  🙂  I was busy working on my oldest son’s elementary years’ scrapbook (for his graduation party) and my husband was beat.  So we didn’t feel like cooking.

But on Saturday night, my husband made his great (great?) Grandpa’s pancakes.  They were so yummy that I wanted to share them!

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The Need to Entertain

I have six kids.  The three oldest are in their preteen and teenage years.  The three youngest are in their preschool/toddler years.  There is a BIG difference between the oldest three and the youngest three, when it comes to entertaining themselves.

The oldest three could play by themselves.  I have two out of the youngest three that can not. What makes the difference? Did my parenting change? Does birth order make a difference?  Or is personality a factor?  Maybe it’s our world today.

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Rainy Day Activities


(Photo from ourkidsmagazine.com)

I’m not sure if spring is here, or if it’s just a nice little teaser before winter dumps on us again.  But, after playing outside all day Saturday, it was tough to be in the house again on Sunday, while it rained.  Being cooped up all winter long is tough on kids.  Being cooped up on a rainy day, after getting a little taste of warm weather and sunshine, is just down-right mean.  Still, there are ways to enjoy a rainy day.  Below is a list of our favorites.  😉

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Please Take My Survey!

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I needed to limit my questions to ten, so if you have comments, tips, advice or stories that I did not touch on, please either leave me a comment here or complete the contact form below.

Thank you for your help!

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Confessions of a Momma…..I Had to Choose Between My Boys

(Photo from http://free-extras.com/search/2/basketball.htm)

And a mom should never have to do that.

My worst nightmare goes like this:

Our vehicle plunges off of a bridge and into icy cold, deep waters.  I have just mere seconds to save my children – six of them.  There is no way I can save them all.  Who do I choose?  Who do I save first and then, who do I come back for after I save the first few?

Ugggh!!!  Awful!  I get chills just thinking about it! But it is an awful nightmare I have, and I hope I never actually experience it.

I had a mini-version nightmare this weekend. And it was a very good, happy situation.  But I was still forced to choose between my boys.

My oldest, a senior, was playing in a real, live, stadium. His basketball team had made it a few games in to the play-offs.  He was out of the high school gyms, out of the college gyms, and now in to a stadium.  A very neat experience.  If they won, they moved on.  If they lost, they were out of the play-offs.

It’s a huge deal.  His team had never made it this far before.  He was a senior.  They had a very real chance of making it to state.  If they lost, it would be his last game. Forever.  Nothing in the world could keep me from missing this.

Except, maybe, his little brother.  Who also had a tournament.  In a tiny little town, in a tiny little school.  His brother is 11.  He’s in 5th grade.  This is his last game of the season, and it’s a tournament.  He will get a medal if he wins, ribbons if he gets 2nd or 3d.  He will play another game next year.  And he does not grasp how important this play-off game is to his big brother.

In the 11-yea-old’s world, this tournament game is IT right now.  He is so pumped, so excited.  He put last year’s 2nd place medal around his neck, to inspire himself and his teammates to give it their all!

I can only go to one game. They play at the same time, in two different towns.  Ugh!!  Why do they do this to parents?  I shouldn’t have to choose!

After a lot of careful thinking, I rationally chose to go to the 11-year-old’s.  I had to leave my heart out of the decision, because, if I’m totally honest with myself, I wanted desperately to be at my senior’s play-off game.  Desperately.  He wanted me there.  Needed me there.  It was a huge deal to him, and to our community.  Everybody was going.

And that’s what helped me with my decision.  Everyone was going.  He would have his dad, his 14 year old brother, his 3 year old brother, his aunt and his cousin there.  All of his friends and the whole student body would be there.

My 11-year-old would have no one at his tournament – no one – to watch and support him, if I didn’t go.  In my eyes, his tournament was not as important as the varsity play-off game.  In his eyes, it was the only thing in his world – at the moment.  He needed me. And so I went.

It killed me.  My family kept me updated on the varsity game.  I prayed and prayed that they would win – that I didn’t just miss my son’s last game ever.

My 11-year-old got third place!  He was so happy and excited!  He played well – he is going to be a good little basketball player when he gets older.

My sweet, understanding senior lost his game. They are done for the season.  And I missed it.  I was crushed.  (Not more than he was, I’m sure.  But still, it hurt.)

What could I do? What would you have done?  Please, let me know.  Leave me a comment and describe any similar situations you have had, and how you handled it.

(And any terrifying dreams you may have!)