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Smash Cake Photo Shoot

Step by Step Smash Cake Instructions


The first thing I did for a successful smash cake photo session was research research research!  I used Google and Pinterest.  One site I visited suggested that the perfect-sized smash cake could be made from an infant formula can.  That way you don’t have to buy a special cake pan and you don’t have to do any layering.  You simply bake your favorite cake mix in an empty formula tin.  For the purposes of this cake, I used a basic white cake from scratch, and tinted the batter yellow and green.


As you can see, the infant formula can really left a lot to be desired.  The site I had visited insisted the can was perfect and that it baked the cake without a hitch.  I, however, had an extremely hard time getting the cake out of the can.  The ridges on the formula can did not make for easy dumping!  I had to first cut the ridges off of the can with a scissor before removing the cake.  Also, my cakes sunk in in the middle.  I’m not sure why – I am not a baker – but I assume the formula can is to blame!  Still, with a ton of butter cream frosting, any cake can be saved!  The finished project was still cute enough to be photo worthy!  And most certainly smashable!


Next I enlisted the help of a very talented sister-in-law.  🙂  She helped me set up the photo shoot.  I had my heart set on a “vintage” outdoor photo shoot, but we live next to a farm site, so the flies were too bad outside.  She helped me create an indoor photo shoot instead.  She crafted some “chalk signs” out of basic black tag board and chalk.  Wetting the chalk before writing helped to give it a bolder look.  My sister-in-law had family write on these boards.  Their job was to add characteristics that defined each twin.  They are wonderful keepsakes. She then taped each tag board to a poster display board that I found at Walmart, so that the signs would stand up by themselves.    Vintage Twins

I am a scrapbooker, and so had all the tools necessary to make the banner.  I cut out triangles from patterned paper.  I then punched eyelets in to the paper using a Stampin’Up eyelet kit.  I strung a paper twine through the eyelets to link the triangles and simply taped it to the wall.

We performed the photo shoot during their one year old birthday party, so that their family could witness the cake smash.  I am not sure if I would recommend this, however, because the twins spent most of the time watching their audience, which was apparently far more interesting than their cakes!  At the same time, it was wonderful to have family there to witness the adorableness.  🙂

We pulled our dining room table away from the wall and simply set them on the floor.  I have good lighting in my dining room, because I have a large picture window there.  You will want to place your shoot somewhere where you also have good natural lighting.  And then I snapped away!

The photos themselves required very little editing.  However, I am just learning how to use Photoshop, so I edited the photos slightly.  I like the “vintage” look, so I desaturated these a bit, and softened one of them.  But that is about it.


Old Style Ben softened Alden