20 Ways To Show Your Child You Are Thankful For Him Or Her

This Thanksgiving, as we gather around the table and give our thanks for the many blessings in our lives, let’s not forget our children.

We work hard, day in and day out, and day in again, to raise our children.

We give everything we have towards bringing them up right.

We lay down the laws.

We set the curfews.

We kiss the boo-boos.

We tuck them in at night.

We laugh and grieve and complain about it all together, as moms.

But truth be told, not one of us would have it any other way.

We love our children.

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Nine Different Ways You Can Put Your Goals In Writing

~The Third Step in the How to Reach Your Goals in Ten (Not So Easy!) Steps Series

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Do you want to do everything in your power to achieve your goals?

What if I told you there was one thing you could do – something so ridiculously easy – that would increase your chances of success by 42%?

Would you do it?

Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at the Dominican University in California, studied the science of goal setting, according to Mary Morrissey in the Huffington Post. What did Dr. Gail Matthews find?

She found that you are 42% more likely to reach your goal if you write it down.

Nine Different Ways You Can Put Your Goals In Writing
Forty-two percent more likely.

Just for writing it down.

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How To Believe In Yourself Starting Now!

How To Believe In Yourself Starting Now!

8 Tips & Tricks for Believing You Can Reach Your Goals

~ The Second Step of the Ten Step Series: How to Reach Your Goals in Ten (Not So Easy!) Steps

(Haven’t read the firs step yet?  Click here to learn how to identify your goals.)

Most people give up on their goal within the first 30 days. And it’s not due to any physical obstacles that get in the way.

It is because we get in our own way. Continue reading

Three Dirty Secrets to Identifying Your Goal

Three dirty secrets to identifying your goal

~ The First Step in the How To Reach Your Goals In Ten (Not So Easy!) Steps Series.

This page contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you use them. I only recommend tools that I use and trust.


Come in real close.  I have a dirty little secret to tell you.  A little closer.  That’s it.  Good.  Perfect.  I know three dirty secrets to identifying your goal.


You wanna reach your goals in 2018?  Is 2018 going to be THE YEAR for you?  The best year ever?

How are you going to make that happen?  You mean you don’t know?


In order to come out of the gate flying on January 1st, you need to know what you are going to accomplish in 2018.

What are you going to do to make it the most perfect year ever?  What is your resolution?  What actions do you need to take?  How are you going to set the year up to be great?

You don’t know?

Well let me help you.

I have three dirty secrets to identifying your goal.

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How to Reach Your Goals In Ten (Not So Easy!) Steps

Hey there Mommas!!  2018 is fast approaching, but now is the time to start thinking about how to reach your goals.

Who here waits until December 31st to set their resolution?

It’s you, isn’t it?


You must be the January 1 girl!


The truth is, most people don’t starting thinking about goals until January is upon us.

And really, now is the time to be thinking about how to reach your goals.

If you want to be successful in reaching your goals come January, then you need to hit the ground running January first!  And how can you do that, if you don’t know what your goal is or if you don’t have a plan of action?

As moms, we are natural goal-setters.  We do it every day.

We set goals for our kids (Get straight A’s!  Get accepted in to college!)

We set goals for our spouses (Clean that garage!  Remodel the house before graduation!)

And yes, we even set goals for ourselves.  (Be a better mom!  Exercise, exercise exercise!)

But how can we channel our natural goal setting capabilities and get those skills to work for us?

In ten (not so easy!) steps, that’s how!

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Five Ways to Make Traveling With Kids Easier

Running errands with kids in tow.  Not my idea of a good time.  Someone should have told me the five ways to make traveling with kids easier when my twins were born.  It would have been nice to know.

When I had just one child, I thought shopping was hard.  Seriously.

You have to haul the baby and all that junk with you.  You have to plan nursing/bottles and diaper changes.  You have to bring along baby food and bibs and baby spoons.  Restaurants don’t provide that stuff.

You have to lug around that huge car seat and diaper bag.

Or worse.  You have to wake a sleeping baby because he’s too big for the carrier, and you can’t leave him in the car.

Gone are the days of quickly darting in and out of stores.

And then I had twins.

And believe me, I had no idea what hard was.

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How To Avoid A Power Struggle

Power struggles.  We’ve all been there – the dreaded no.  Toddlers are famous for it.  Preschoolers like to try out the “I Hate You!”  Middle Schoolers might threaten to run away, or tell you that Suzie’s mom is way better than you are.  And teenagers will just walk out the door.  But how do we avoid a power struggle?

They all do it.

Kids at every age will continuously question your authority and test their independence.

It is absolutely normal and something that we want our kids to be doing.  It is how they grow and develop in to an adult.

But as the child tries to pull away and the parents try to maintain control, the process can be anything but smooth.  The screaming, fighting and tantrums that may follow can be exhausting and hurtful for all parties involved.

How can you avoid a power struggle and still help your child develop his or her independence?

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20 Easy Things You Can Do Every Day to Show Your Child That You Love Him or Her

Building a better relationship with your child can seem daunting.  But it doesn’t need to be.  There are 20 easy things you can do every day to show your child you love him or her.

You don’t need a degree in child psychology or a Positive Parenting Course.  You don’t even need to know your parenting style, preferred discipline technique or routines you want to establish.

All you need to get started is love.

The rest comes easy.

Remember when you were courting your spouse?

Remember those days?  You thought about him (or her) all of the time.  I know you couldn’t wait to see him, or hear his voice.  Everything he gave you was treasured, no matter how small.  You hung on his every word and got shivers up and down your spine every time his skin accidentally brushed against yours.


(Well, okay, that was maybe infatuation.)

Love your child in the same way.

Think about him all of the time.  Greet her with exuberance when she comes home from practice, letting her know that you are happy to see her.  Hang on his every word, and treasure every picture made.  And when you get a hug, snuggle or kiss, hang on for dear life.  Because that affection dies off quickly as they get older.

It’s that easy.

But just in case you need a nudge to get you started, here are 20 easy things you can do every day to show your child you love him or her.

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What Having Twins Has Taught Me

The Twins turned three last month.

And let me tell you what having twins has taught me.

Three is significant to me because:
a. They are no longer toddlers or babies.
b. This is the time that all of our other boys magically became “daddy’s boys” and left my side to follow him around everywhere.
c. Life just got easier.

It makes me sound like a horrible mom, I know.

My twins – my youngest two boys – my babies – just turned three, and I’m thrilled.

I should be sad, I know. I should be missing the smell of that sweet baby shampoo (I don’t, because I still use it, even on my five year old!) and their coos and giggles.

But I don’t.

Those two bouncing little bundles of joy skidded in to our world – my world – picked it up, flipped it upside down and dumped all the pieces out.

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How to Tell if Your Child is Being Bullied

It’s that time of year again! 

Back to School!  I don’t know about you all, but three of my boys headed out the door this morning!  The long summer days of family togetherness are over.  Most kids, mine included, are excited to get out of the house, back to the school, and away from their siblings.

But that might not be the case for everyone.

Back to School may mean Back to Bullies for some kids.

How to tell if your child is being bullied?

Bullying does not look like it did when we grew up.  When we were young, someone maybe took your lunch money, pushed you around a bit, or teased and harassed you in front of all of your friends.  Maybe they’d tape “kick me” to your back, lock you in a locker, or throw your textbooks in the garbage.

While these forms of bullying may still go on, they aren’t as common anymore. 

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