About Me

About Shannon


My name is Shannon and I am so very happy to meet you!  I am the proud momma of six beautiful boys.  They bring joy to my days, hugs for my tears, wisdom for my ponderings and humor for everything else.  I could not imagine life without them.

People have told me I should write a “mommy blog”, since I have ample professional knowledge and a hefty personal experience with parenting.  I started my blog almost a year ago.  I also started writing my first book, From Board Rooms to High Chairs:  A Career Guide for At-Home Moms, at the same time.

I work from home as a freelance writer.  My specialty is parenting articles.  I write for other blogs, websites and magazines as well.  The Washington Post recently published Making Goals When You Are A Parent, an article I wrote after I realized exactly how difficult it is for parents to start their own business.

I know how to talk to moms.  I have a knack for making people feel comfortable enough to open up about whatever may be troubling them.  I can get any message across to parents in a nonjudgmental, caring way.  My job is to empower parents.

If you are reading this because it is your job to empower parents as well, then we should connect!  I can help.  Do you need to draw parents in to your organization?  Do you have services or programs to offer them?  Maybe you have a product to sell or a curriculum to teach?  Or are you trying to raise community awareness?  Whatever your goal, I can reach out to your parents with newsletters, blog posts, and other such media.  I can meet them exactly where they are at in life and show them how they can benefit from what you have to offer.  Let’s get in touch!

Being a mom – especially after the twins were born – is the hardest thing I have ever done.  We all need love and support to help us through our days.  I hope you can find that here, at Making Mommas.