21 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Children

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

When you become a mom, Valentine’s Day takes on a whole other meaning.

Suddenly, there is more than just one love in your life.

And it is your job to honor that love.

Gone are the romantic dinners, flowers and candle light!

Very rarely will you get whisked off on a romantic get-away weekend.

Instead, you will receive dried macaroni necklaces, painted hearts and shiny plastic rings.

And oddly enough, these little trinkets will mean more to you than any diamond.

Well, almost.

How to honor your little one on Valentine’s Day?

Well, now, that truly is the question.

For years I would start the day off for my boys with a special breakfast. When they came running to the breakfast table, they would find a heart-shaped box of chocolates and a gift at their place setting. The gift was always jammie themed – a new pair of pajamas, slippers, a new blanket or a new stuffed animal.

Other than baking heart-shaped cookies, and occasionally a desert for dinner, that is really all I ever did for my boys on Valentine’s Day.

As more and more boys were added to the family, the tradition slowly died out.

And so I found myself wondering, what do I do for Valentine’s Day this year?

If you are in the same boat, fear not!! The day is not done. Try one of these ideas for a last minute Valentine Day surprise – and the ones that require a little more planning can always be tucked away for next year!


21 Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Children

1. Surprise them with a special breakfast.

Make it something gooey and sweet! After all, isn’t that what this day is all about? Try some cinnamon rolls, monkey break, caramel rolls, muffins or scones. For an extra special treat, serve them cake for breakfast!

2. Give them a themed gift every year.

Like I said, I did a pajama theme. But this can be anything. Maybe it’s sports related, a game themed gift, bath related or a movie theme. The trick is to keep the same theme every year, but to find a different gift from year to year.

3. Give them a box of chocolate.

A traditional touch, for sure. This makes a nice addition to any tradition.

4. Cook dinner together.

Cooking dinner together is always fun for the little kids, but as your children get older, it becomes more of a chore. Make it fun by serving a yummy punch or pop, cranking up some music and joking around while you cook!

5. Have a candle light dinner.

Younger kids love this one. They know there is something extra special going on when you dim the lights and light a candle.

6. Have a special dinner together.

Maybe it’s dinner out. Maybe it’s a heart-shaped pizza. Or maybe you serve them their favorite pasta. Whatever it is, make it stand out. Serve some sparkling water or juice in a wine glass for kicks!

7. Make it a date night.

Take your kids out for dinner and a movie. Or hit the bowling alley or the skating rink. Do something fun as a family.

8. Watch a movie together.

Snuggle up together on the couch, pop some popcorn and put on that movie you’ve been meaning to sit down and watch. Make it a pajama party or slumber party to set it apart from any other movie night.

9. Play a board game together.

Let them stay up late and play a game together. Serve some yummy snacks, a special drink and just have fun!

10. Camp out in their bedroom for the night.

If you have older kids, play some video games with them until late in to the night. If your kids are younger, sleep on the floor in their room. Have a slumber party together!

11. Surprise them with a special delivery at school.

Have some balloons, a cupcake, a flower or something special delivered to your child at school, in front of his or her classmates.

12. Take them out for lunch on their school lunch break.

Have them excused over their lunch break and take them someplace special!

13. Have breakfast with them at school.

If they eat breakfast at school in the morning, join them! If you can’t make breakfast, you can always join them for lunch.

14. Take them away for the weekend.

You may no longer be whisked away for a romantic weekend but you sure can kidnap your kids for a weekend away! Surprise them by picking them up from school and darting off for a fun-filled weekend of things they love.

15. Give them a journal you have kept for the past year.

Start a journal in January, end it in December, and give it to them as a Valentine’s Day gift. Fill the pages with letter of love, funny things they did, things you are proud of, or times you missed them throughout the year.

16. Create a scrapbook for them.

There are so many ways to scrapbook now! Create a traditional scrapbook with paper and scissors, create one on-line with Shutterfly or Mixbook, create a book out of your FaceBook Wall or from your instagram account with Chatbook.

17. Have a school skip day and go somewhere fun instead.

It’s okay, I promise. If you know your child can easily make up the work, skip a day! Go have fun. Everyone deserves a mental health day. 😉

18. Give them a homemade gift.

If you have special talents, such as knitting, painting, making jewelry, etc., use it! Make something special for your child.

19. Visit someone who may be lonely on Valentine’s Day.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be surrounded by children on Valentine’s Day. Take yours to visit someone who might be alone on Valentine’s Day. The elderly would be a good place to start – they love little kids!

20. Bake a Valentine treat together.

Make some cookies or a cake together. Surprise a loved one with the goodies!

21. Make a Valentine together.

It could be any kind of craft or DIY project. Make it together and surprise someone you love with it!

Have any more ideas? Share them!

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