21 Tips for Saving Money

Here is a list of 21 ideas to get you started on saving money.  Use some of these tricks to save a couple of bucks and then take those couple of bucks and tuck them in to savings!  Before you know it, you have a nice little nest egg started.  🙂

Remember, start small.  It is always about building the habit, not winning the race for the day.  If you build the habit, you will continue in the long run.  If you start out with full cannons blaring, giving up so much that you are miserable, you won’t stick with it.  Pick something you can live with, and as you adjust, cut out more.

And always tuck that money away!

  1. Give up the Coffee – if you buy coffee from say, Star Bucks or Caribou, give it up. Tuck the money you save in to savings.  Too hard?  Give it up once a week.  Always always start small!
  2. Give up the pop/snacks – Do you buy a pop every time you stop for gas?  Pick up a snack from the vending machine?  Keep a stash from home in your trunk or backseat, and tuck that money in to savings instead.
  3. Bring a sack lunch – Do you eat out for lunch?  Bring something from home instead.
  4. Quit smoking – even cutting back can save you money.
  5. Curb the alcohol – do you always have a couple of drinks with your meal?  Cut back or have water instead.
  6. Turn down the heat – even if it’s just during the day while you are gone, or if you leave for the weekend.  Or, if you have your house set at 73, can you kick it down to 69 and put a sweater on?
  7. Turn off lights/appliances when you are not using them.  Unplug items.  Even when it is off it still sucks electricity.
  8. Recycle – and if you live in the country, get a burning barrel.  It cuts down on waste and saves you money.
  9. Buy generic – some food items taste just as good if they are a brand label.  Experiment.  Some items there is a noticeable difference, and some are just fine – even better!
  10. Use coupons
  11. Run the washing machine or dishwasher only when it is a full load
  12. Walk or ride a bike whenever possible instead of driving
  13. Watch movies at home on T.V., cable, satellite, Netflix, etc. rather than going out to the theater
  14. Find free activities to do, such as community education classes, the library, bike riding, sledding, going for walks, hiking, having a picnic, playing at the park – be creative!
  15. Buy clothing on sale or clearance.  Some cities have very nice second hand stores as well.
  16. Shop your local garage sales
  17. Buy items only if you need them – not because you have a coupon, they are on sale, or because it is just so cute!!
  18. Look for ways to trim your bills.  Do you watch TV a lot, and really need all of those channels, or can you cut back?  Do you use all the data on your phone or will a smaller package do?
  19. Buy in bulk.  But again, buy only if it is something you would buy anyway and if it really is cheaper.  Check the label – sometimes the unit price isn’t all that cheaper.
  20. Try making your own soaps and detergents.  It is cheaper and some recipes work just as good as store brands.
  21. If you are a crafty person, make your own gifts and cards.  Homemade gifts mean more, are more thoughtful, and are the ‘thing to do’ right now!

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