105 Ways to Spend Time With Your Child

Is spending more time with your child one of your New Year’s Resolutions?

“A positive parent-child relationship provides the framework and support for a child to develop a healthy respect and regard for self and for others. Children crave time with parents.”

~ The Child Development Institute

I am obsessively passionate about spending time with my boys. Why?

Because I know it is the single most important thing I can do to help my boys become amazing men.

Oh yeah, and because I love them.

And they are fun people.

“This is the foundation of it all,” according to the Curious Mind Magazine. The magazine goes on to outline five things parents who have raised good kids have in common.

The top of the list: Spending time with your child.

The article says “It’s not enough just to be physically around your kid – you need to be with them completely.”

Being fully present with our children is not an easy task. We have a million responsibilities tugging at us at all times of the day. It’s hard to give our children our undivided attention.

But we must.

If we want to raise extraordinary men and women.

So if you resolved to spend more time with your children this year, here is a great place to start!

105 Ways to Spend Time With Your Children

1. Play a game
2. Watch a movie together
3. Go shopping
4. Go fishing
5. Go camping
6. Go for a walk
7. Go to the pool
8. Go to the library
9. Dance together
10. Read together
11. Bake together
12. Go sledding
13. Go Ice Skating
14. Plant flowers together
15. Plant a garden together
16. Paint together
17. Play tag together
18. Play basketball together
19. Play soccer together
20. Play baseball together
21. Teach your child to throw a ball
22. Play football together
23. Fly a kite
24. Blow bubbles
25. Throw rocks in the lake or river
26. Go boating
27. Teach your child to water ski
28. Go snowmobiling together
29. Go skiing together
30. Teach your child to snow shoe
31. Go bird watching together
32. Play the piano together
33. Sing together
34. Throw a Frisbee
35. Go mini-golfing together
36. Take in a movie together
37. Eat out together
38. Go to a ball game together
39. Go to a play or performance together
40. Get a make-over together
41. Get a manicure or pedicure together
42. Work out together
43. Play dress up
44. Play hide and seek
45. Set up an obstacle course together
46. Make a scrapbook together
47. Put on a puppet show together
48. Go to the beach together
49. Go for a run together
50. Go roller blading or roller skating together
51. Build something together
52. Join a club together
53. Take a class together
54. Have a bonfire together
55. Cook together
56. Learn to sew together
57. Learn to quilt together
58. Have a picnic
59. Go to the park
60. Play with the dog or cat together
61. Bike ride together
62. Go on a scavenger hunt together
63. Create something out of card board boxes
64. Share a journal together – write notes back and forth to each other
65. Learn the constellations and go star-gazing together
66. Have a Nerf Gun war
67. Have a snowball fight
68. Build a fort together
69. Build a treehouse together
70. Draw together
71. Color together
72. Have a water fight
73. Go four-wheeling together
74. Go for a drive together
75. Play video games together
76. Learn to cross stitch together
77. Learn to embroider together
78. Learn to crochet together
79. Learn to knit together
80. Re-decorate your child’s bedroom together
81. Re-build or repair a car together
82. Go ice fishing together
83. Go hunting together
84. Go to a concert together
85. Make a family tree together
86. Play yard games together, such as 500, croquet, Ladder Ball, etc.
87. Travel together
88. Take a road trip together
89. Play Bingo together
90. Learn origami together
91. Visit a museum
92. Visit the local nature center
93. Build a birdhouse together
94. Play laser tag together
95. Play paint ball together
96. Take a ceramics or pottery class together
97. Spend the night in your yard in a tent
98. Build an indoor tent or fort and spend the night in it
99. Have a sleep-over in the living room or your child’s bedroom
100. Have a pillow fight
101. Visit an amusement park
102. Volunteer together
103. Make up a new game
104. Spend some time playing with your child – free play style  (follow your child’s lead)
105. Plan a party game day with only your children, complete with a prize box and compete in games such as the egg toss, the three-legged race, and the clothespin drop.

So there you have it!  105 ideas just off the top of my head.  😉

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Happy New Year ~ and may 2018 find you and your child closer than ever before!

What is your favorite way to spend time with your children?

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